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About Zhongke
   Jiangsu Zhongke Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. (ZKHI) is a state-owed asset holding company which was founded in 2005. It is a large manufacturing enterprise with the strong R&D and design capability. It is specializing in designing and manufacturing of power equipments, environmental protection and energy saving equipments, chemical process pressure vessel equipments and nuclear power equipments and units. In addition, JZHI is one of qualified supplier/subcontractor ... [View all]
Product series
Boiler series
The H type fin economiz...
H fin
The Conduit
Set box
Air heater
Spiral fin economizer
Membrane wall
Nuclear series
waste disposal facility...
Special door
Other products
Cement solidification
Filter replacement equi...
Phosphoric acid immersi...
Radiation shielding win...
Shielding container tra...
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江苏省特种设备安全监督检验研究院盐城分院 哈尔滨锅炉厂有限责任公司
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